Base institute is the place (virtual and physical, depending on when you visit us!) to touch base with languages and communication. You’ll learn and have fun at the same time. We organize your whole new language experience whether online or in a foreign city according to your needs. We’ll give you advice (free of charge!) on any matter to contribute to a better stay if you decide to move and learn the language of where you’ll be, (housing, grocery shopping, traveling within the country, currency exchange, restaurants, etc.). We design tailor made lessons because we know each student has specific needs, and that’s what makes us better than any other language school. We will make sure we offer you what is best for YOU.

Right now we teach mainly Spanish, German, Portuguese, English, and French through Zoom but, coherent with what we said on the previous paragraph, we adapt to your needs, so don’t hesitate to ask about another language, or even for a teacher on site wherever you are.

We also offer language a Learn to Teach course so you can learn how to tutor your own language (or teach any language you master) and maybe even get a job and finance your stay when you travel the world! This is not a replacement for a teaching college degree, but a practical course that will give you the tools to plan a class and where you will learn some basic approaches, techniques and methods for teaching. And, as all of our courses, where you will enjoy the classes and have fun!

There is no registration fee when you pay fully in advance. You can pay via Paypal, check, wire transfer Payoneer, or if you can think of another method, we will try and make it work too!

Learning languages at base will be the experience of a lifetime!!!